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Geoprobe Environmental Limited

We cover Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Kent, London, Surrey, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and all of South UK.

We offer the following services:-

  • Window/windowless sampling
  • Hand augering
  • Trial pitting
  • Groundwater/landfill gas monitoring installations
  • Geotechnical/contamination testing (soil testing)
  • Plate load testing
  • DCP testing for insitu CBR
  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Desk studies
  • Soakaway/permeability testing

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Trial pits
These can be excavated both manually and by mechanical means dependent upon access for shallow sampling and determining the foundation system of existing structures.

Hand augering
This is a simple manually operated method of soil sampling at shallow depth and in areas where there is no room or access for mechanical plant.

Groundwater/landfill gas monitoring installations
On completion of window sample holes plastic tubing is installed to enable the monitoring and sampling of groundwater as well as the monitoring of landfill gases. Our Gas Data GFM Series checks for oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, LEL, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide as well as flow rate, atmospheric pressure and groundwater readings.  Groundwater samples can be taken to enable laboratory testing to be carried out.

Plate load testing
A circular steel plate is placed under load and settlement measured as an aid to settlement calculations and road and pavement design.

DCP testing
The DCP (dynamic cone penetrometer) can be used for the rapid assessment of proposed formation levels for roadways and parking areas to determine their insitu CBR values.

Soakaway/permeability testing
The dispersal of rainwater from site is often achieved using soakaways and the soils insitu permeabilty can be determined using both full scale tests to BRE 365 and simple falling head tests within window sample holes.

Desk studies
This is a non intrusive assessment of a site to ascertain whether contamination from past usage could adversely affect a proposed development and is increasingly requested as part of Local Authority planning conditions.

Geotechnical/contamination testing (soil testing)
Samples taken from site can be tested to determine their physical parameters as well as for the presence of contaminants from the past usage. All site works are completed to BS5930 and geotechnical testing is completed to BS1377. Environmental testing is undertaken in MCERTS & UKAS accredited laboratories